giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

Veruca Salt "Resolver"

Quando qualcosa di bello finisce è dura poi ripartire. E' quallo che penso ascoltando questo terzo lavoro di Veruca Salt, primo senza Nina Gordon.
La combinazione delle due fanciulle creava qualcosa di magico che purtroppo qui non si ricrea e tutto viaggia su binari piuttosto classici e senza sussulti. Oddio, niente di male o di inascoltabile, sia chiaro, ma manca il guizzo vincente, quello si. (2000 Beyond)

Veruca Salt circulated through the late-'90s barrage of one-hit alt-rock bands with the single "Seether," and the number of critics placing bets in favor of the band's longevity was miniscule. But upon the departure of member Nina Gordon, lead singer Louise Post revamped the group, and Resolver beat the odds.
The album follows the lead of fellow Chicagoans the Smashing Pumpkins with its monstrous guitars squalling against an explosive rhythm section. This tsunami of sound finds a strange bedfellow with Post's vocals. Immediately she seems a sweet, fuzzy urchin, but her abrasive, sexually charged lyrics and grunge-suited scream reveal a wildly rabid kitten with piercing claws and enormous teeth.
Resolver's combination of eerie Pixies-influenced aggression ("Used to Know Her") and Billy Corgan bombast ("Born Entertainer") makes for a supremely satisfying head bang. Best of all, the new and resoundingly improved Veruca Salt have developed a penchant for slightly quieter songs like "Disconnected," where Post's utterly unseething, almost exhausted voice carves a wide space between unproduced drums and orchestral instrumentation, resulting in a moment of fierce beauty. (Beth Massa -

- The Same Person
- Born Entertainer
- Best You Can Get
- Wet Suit
- Yeah Man
- Imperfectly
- Officially Dead
- Only You Know
- Disconnected
- All Dressed Up
- Used To Know Her
- Pretty Boys
- Hellraiser


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