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The Crescent "The Crescent"

Il punto di contatto più indicativ potrebbe essere l'esordio dei Cast. Poi ci si possono sentire i soliti mille rimandi a formazioni Uk, ma, ripeto, mi piace accostare i The Crescent ai Cast.
Sta di fatto che il disco era stato anticipato da dei singoli che a mio avviso non riescono poi ad avere nel resto dell'album un adeguato sostegno, risultando quindi le canzoni migliori. Onesti mestieranti. Tutto qua. (2004 Hut)

The Crescent is collection of four-minute guitar-pop gems by the band of the same name. Having served an apprenticeship with Lee Mavers, the notoriously eccentric former frontman of the La's, the group have developed a raw melodic touch that pulses with an infectious blistering energy.
Like Oasis, the Crescent make no attempt to disguise their influences. The opening track, "On the Run", recalls the Who, as the repeated burst of a single chord resonates before the guitar somehow tumbles into the riff from the Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash". Then there are Wayne Whitfield's wall-cracking vocals, somewhere between Liam Gallagher's guttural howl and the throaty raunch of Rod Stewart as he roars, "Shape up / Work out what's up / We're running out of time / Trying to keep up". Elsewhere, "Another Day" builds gently from a simple acoustic rhythm to a rousing string-laden atmospheric climax.
But in the main The Crescent is built around straightforward melodies and raw instrumentation. "Wake Up" would make Mavers proud. Demonstrating the infectious qualities of an incredibly simple guitar hook and a strong chorus, it proves that with a little precocious talent, less is indeed more. (Christopher Barrett -

- On The Run
- Streets Of Tide
- Parallel
- Wake Up
- Test Of Time
- Another Day
- Spinnin' Wheels
- Not Good Enough
- Told U So
- Stay On


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