martedì 30 novembre 2010

Unbelievable Truth "Almost Here"

Immagino che molti si saranno accostati a questo gruppo per la parentela del cantante con il bruttone dei Radiohead.
Infatti Andy Yorke è fratello del più noto Thom.
I punti di contatto tra le due formazioni non sono così evidenti come la fratellanza magari potrebbe far pensare. Folk pop intenso ed evocativo quello degli UT, che sa toccare l'animo con una voce toccante e melodie importanti.
Esordio soffuso e decisamente incantevole. (1998 Virgin)

One thing's for certain: the Unbelievable Truth's lead singer, Andy Yorke, sure can sing his heart out. While this English trio's debut may receive attention solely because Yorke's brother is the acclaimed lead singer of Radiohead, Almost Here stands up quite well on its own musical merits.
A particularly evocative soft-rock ensemble, Yorke, Nigel Powell, and Jason Moulster have cobbled together a calm, moving collection of hauntingly melodic songs. Yorke's rich vocals practically glow with a seductive melancholy that gains much strength from the band's rich tapestry of guitars, keyboards, and percussion.
On "Higher Than Reason" his voice soars dramatically over a delicate arrangement of fanciful British pop. Gentle and hypnotic, this is one album of extremely sad songs that you shouldn't miss. (Mitch Meyers -

- Solved
- Angel
- Stone
- Same Mistakes
- Forget About Me
- Settle Down
- Finest Little Space
- Building
- Almost Here
- Higher Than Reason
- Be Ready


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