giovedì 30 dicembre 2010

The Jeevas "1234"

Tra i Kula Shaker parte uno e i Kula Shaker parte due (intendo prima e dopo la reunion), beh, in mezzo ci stanno i Jeevas.
Qui Cris da fiato alle trombe del buon rock, classico e con riferimenti 60/70. Non è il mio andazzo preferito, lo ammetto. Ma c'è davvero tanta onestà in questo disco che ce lo fa apprezzare. Da notare che la sezione ritmica è formata da due ex Straw! (2002 Cowboy)

Crispian Mills, the former Kula Shaker frontman, appears to have returned to his roots (musically, that is--he'll always be, and always was, a posh boy) with the Jeevas. 1-2-3-4 boasts good, snappy songs played by a tidy band, while Mills's underrated guitar playing sparkles throughout and rhythm section Andy Nixon and Dan McKinna have no trouble keeping up.
Opener "Virginia" owes everything to David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars, with a touch of Troggs thrown in, a cover of the Undertones's "You Got My Number" is straightforward and joyful, while "Once Upon a Time in America" is a lively folk-rock boogie.
The wobbly "Silver Apples" is presumably a nod to the 60s avant-garde New Yorkers of that name, while the concluding "Edge of the World" is wistfully memorable.
At least as good as John Squire's best solo efforts, and a hell of a lot more fun, this short (35 minutes) set is anything but grandiose and will come as a pleasant surprise to anyone expecting post-millennial cod-mysticism. (Steve Jelbert -

- Virginia
- Ghost Cowboys In The Movies
- You Got My Number
- What Is It For
- Once Upon A Time In America
- Don't Say The Good Times Are Over
- Scary Parents
- Teenage Breakdown
- Silver Apples
- Edge Of The World


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