mercoledì 26 gennaio 2011

Libido "Killing Some Dead Time"

Dalla Norvegia con tanta carica pop. Si chiamavano LIbido e avevno le idee chiarissime su come sviluppare melodie vincenti.
Guitar pop rock molto piacevole veramente! (1998 Fire Records)

Although they occasionally stumble over the course of their debut, Libido has found an intriguing fusion of American and British indie-rock on Killing Some Dead Time. Picking up the spiky, spiteful tunefulness of the edgier Brit-pop bands, Libido tempers their melodies with sheets of noise and poetic lyrics.
At times, their pretensions get the better of them, but the best moments of the record demonstrate that the band has considerable potential. (Stephen Thomas Erlewine -

- Overthrown
- Supersonic Daydream
- Strange News
- Crash Out
- In My Shadow
- Blow
- Remarkably Abnormal (Good Intentions)
- Revolving
- Molest Me
- Comfort
- God's Guest List
- Magic Mushroom Night


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