mercoledì 5 gennaio 2011

Rialto "Night On Earth"

Partiamo dal presupposto che la qualità è sempre alta. Ma non così alta come nel primo strepitoso album.
Qui le melodie non sono così incantevoli e mi sembra che si sposti un pò il tiro su suoni un pò alla Depeche, ma ripeto, la qualità rimane alta e la malinconia e lo struggimento brit pop del gruppo si mantiene su buoni livelli. (2001 Warner)

In their continuing quest for pop's holy grail, Rialto release an expedient follow-up to the 'Girl On A Train' mini-album with their second full-length effort. 'Night On Earth' takes two tracks off the 'Girl' material (the thrilling, widescreen pop of 'Anything Could Happen' and the more Duran-esque 'Anyone Out There?') but falls short of consistent greatness.
This collection works best when the band don't try their hardest to recreate big, obvious electro-pop glories of yesteryear; 'Idiot Twin' has dated badly already yet the following track 'Shatterproof' pleasingly incorporates a rhythmic undertow that compares with New Order.
There's a rather over-busy sound on some tracks as if Rialto want to prove that they listen to today's music when they really don't need to as the aforementioned 'Anything Could Happen' and the similarly cinematic 'London Crawling' testify. It could also be argued that singer Louis Eliot's vocals are too fey to carry ballad material such as 'Three Ring Circus' and 'Underneath A Distant Moon'.
Despite these faults Rialto do know how to write a memorable chorus, now they just need to write more of them. (

- London Crawling
- Anything Could Happen
- Anyone Out There?
- Catherine's Wheel
- Idiot Twin
- Shatterproof
- Brilliant Fake
- Three Ring Circus
- Drive
- Deep Space
- Underneath A Distant Moon


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