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Look See Proof "Between Here And There"

Accidenti, qui siamo quasi ai giorni nostri.
Sembra ieri che io, insieme agli eroi di sempre (Rouge, Ricci, Laura ed Elena) eravamo alla Casa 139 di Milano a vedere i LSP dal vivo, e a dire il vero insieme a Laura avevamo pure fatto 1 bella intervistina.
Ma il tempo vola, e i ragazzi, dopo solo questo disco, hanno già gettato la spugna.
Peccato viene da dire.
Me lo diceva il mio buon amico Gabriele (alias Franco Scaluzzi) che sarebbero durati poco o niente, ma io no, non ci stavo...vedrai che questi durano, vedrai che questi decollano, gli dicevo io.
Alla fine ha avuto ragione lui. Come spesso accade a dire il vero.
Comunque dicevamo i ragazzi si sono sciolti e a me rimane un gran senso di rammarico, non tanto in qualità di un live un pò fracassone a dire il vero o per il fatto che avevamo scambiato due chiacchiere insieme, quanto per un disco piacevole e fresco che viaggia ai mille all'ora in ambito pop.
Melodie gustose, chitarre rumorose e tutto ovviamente già sentito mille volte, ma a noi andava bene così.
Evidentemente a loro no. (2008 Weekender Records)

The sound of skinny jeans, youthful vigour and guitars worn up around the collar bone, ‘Between Here And There’ is as suitable an accompaniment to summer as barbecues and beach wear.
Technically, the record’s as simplistic as you like, but then LSP aren’t about instrumental hi-jinks. Their trick is capturing the excitement (and disappointment) of being 20-something and living for youth. Single ‘Casualty’ is the first example of the band finding fun despite the inevitability of modern reality, yet taken as a whole the entire album plays like a celebration of new found adulthood, with tracks like ‘Standard class’ and ‘Bishopsgate’ sticking two fingers up to middle-aged rat race executive-types.
So it’s spiky, it’s comedy, it’s so toe tapping it’ll wear out your Converse, and best of all it’s utterly now.
The natural antidote to last year’s threadbare new rave scene. (Matt Thompson -

Two tracks into their debut LP, Hertfordshire quartet Look See Proof hit the nail firmly on its noggin.
Timing is absolutely critical in music, isn't it? Zeitgeist: great sounding word (go on, try saying it... satisfying, huh?), albeit one used and abused by agenda-setting journos everywhere, but totally, utterly relevant when talking about Look See Proof's debut album.
Had Between Here And There dropped three or four years ago, we might have been talking about a fresh, exciting new band with several potential crossover hits on their collective hand, but now? Commercial appeal or not - since when was that ever a true barometer of quality? - it's a sound that's worn severely thin on these ears.
It is, after all, a copy of a copy of a copy.
Gang Of Four/Josef K abrasive guitars twinned with plentiful harmonies and urch-rock charm? You'll be wanting The Maccabees' LP. That is, of course, assuming you didn't wear out the first Futureheads record; a more bookish, complicated and ultimately rewarding take on that formula, minus the Fred Perry.
Like your guitar-slingers dressed in tweed do you, sir? Step this way, and meet Young Knives. Alternatively, take early Bloc Party, or Good Shoes, or... or...
You've actually got to feel a little bit sorry for Look See Proof - for one thing, they've toured with both The Twang and The Fratellis - because what they do isn't absolutely awful but just so, so uninspired.
It's derivative to the point of parody and, even though it's still full of honesty and gusto (see: 'Discussions' and 'Start Again'), this is certainly a record to endure rather than enjoy. (Rob Webb -

- You Don't Get It
- Casualty
- Obstruction
- Keeping Mistakes
- High Horse
- Standard Class
- Local Hero
- Bishopsgate
- Competition
- Discussions
- Do You Think It's Right
- Start Again


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  1. questa era una buona band .ma un post sui mitici five thirty quando? il loro lp bed fu un ottimo album,lo ascolto ancora con piacere.ciao