sabato 12 marzo 2011

Alex Lowe "Boys United Never Die Young "

Seconda prova solista del buon Alex, sempre più genuino e fragrante.
Dischi con il cuore in mano! Averne sempre di più! (2001)

I have an announcement to make: There is a third Finn brother. Tim and Neil have a younger brother. Though he does not go by the name "Finn" he is unmistakably related to the brothers from New Zealand. OK, he has a different last name, and his voice is slightly rougher, and he does not live in Australia.
Alex Lowe makes fine pop music. And with "pop music" I don't mean that Britney/Christina/N-SYNC thing my dear colleague Nathalie seems to adore since a couple of weeks - no, I mean mature quality pop.
And I don't mean the alternative pop or rock in a Motorpsycho or Mercury Rev kinda way my dear colleagues Bas and Omar seem to like, because Alex Lowe is as pop as can be. What else is there to say? Which bands Lowe played in? Why bother? With a pop record as fine as this one (The tune is right, the chorus easy, but not too easy, Lowe's voice is as high or low as the song deserves, the lyrics are good, and the Hammond and piano are in their right place.) you don't need any history or related artists. (Manuel Aalbers -

- Flight From Nowhere
- Between Times
- Just The Same
- Darling Boy
- Fields (Come Along)
- All My Life
- So It Is Time
- New Beginning Ends
- Now I Know It's Right
- It's Understood
- Untitled


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  1. Thank you very much Ricky. This is a surprise gift from you. I don't know how to say. Thank you for kindness. :)