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Animals That Swim "Faded Glamour (Best Of)"

Se il mio blog ha un motivo di esistere, beh, è pre gruppi così. Che meritano di non scomparire dalla memoria collettiva.
Grande talento, classe, misura e capacità indie pop, gli Animals That Swim vengono celebrati con questa doppia raccolta dei loro pezzi migliori. Da ascoltare con le lacrime agli occhi! (2004 Snowstorm)

This London-based quintet, all crumpled Oxfam shop suits and NHS specs, appeared out of time among Britpop's cocky glare. Unfortunately their yearning, hyper-literate twilight pop (Leonard Cohen romanticism multiplied by The Teardrop Explodes) only compounded their isolation.
Yet in those pre-Parklife days, Animals That Swim's intelligent barfly persona, particularly the bizarre imaginary tale of Roy Orbison on "Roy" and the doleful "King Beer", made them a haven from gormless grunge.
The 1996 single "Faded Glamour" got them some radio play, but 2001's Happiness From A Distant Star effectively sank. This judiciously selected collection highlights their ennui-soaked glory perfectly. (

It shocked me to learn that Animals That Swim have been around for nearly 15 years. It seems like yesterday that I hurried home with my pristine vinyl copy of their debut LP, 'Workshy', but it was in fact 1993!
I have followed the band’s progress ever since and also rooted out their early singles (even parting with £15 for a copy of the excellent 'King Beer') to ensure my collection was complete.
Thankfully for the unenlightened, all the best tracks are gathered together on this CD, so there is no need to trawl obscure second hand shops or surf the internet to find the bands' records.
This collection kicks off with two of the bands most accessible (and “successful”) singles, the simply superb 'Faded Glamour'and the equally impressive 'Pink Carnations'. Both highlight the band’s fine ability to turn observational poetry into memorable songs.
Tracks are culled from all three of the band’s albums and while 'Workshy 'was the highlight, the other two LPs certainly had their moments and the quality of this compilation does not slip as a result. Indeed 'All Your Stars Are Out'and the closing track, '7 Days', (both from 2001’s 'Happiness From A Distant Star') are the equal of anything else the band has done.
The first two singles, the aforementioned 'King Beer', and 'Roy'” are also included and both unveil fantastic tales of drunken revelry and a chance meeting with Roy Orbison, respectively.
Musically, the band make an indie sound, punctuated by trumpet, more upbeat than the Tindersticks and not too distant from the Bitter Springs.
There is something vital about Animals That Swim. Something precious. Perhaps the fact that in 15 years they have only made 3 LPs has ensured that every one has been of the highest quality; or perhaps its the fact that they are one of the few truly indie bands of the last few years. Either way they are to be applauded and cherished in equal measures.
Trawling those second hand shops may become essential once you’ve heard this. You will not be disappointed. (Dixie Ernill -

- Faded Glamour
- Pink Carnations (Single Version)
- The Longest Road
- Roy
- All Your Stars Are Out
- Dirt
- Smooth Steps
- The Moon And The Mothership
- East St. O'Neill
- Madame Yevonde
- 50 Dresses
- Mackie's Wake
- King Beer (Original Version)
- 7 Days
- Learning To Fly
- Chapel Market
- Kandy Kars
- May
- An Unbeaten Horse (Demo)
- Log City Road
- The Greenhouse (Single Version)
- Theme From Driving Home
- Oregon State Fair
- Me And Harry Dean
- Mexico (Demo)
- New Boots
- Happiness From A Distant Star (Version)
- Weary Mind


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