mercoledì 30 marzo 2011

Warm Jets "Future Signs"

Mi piacevano i ragazzi. Suono alternativo, che entrava in circolo a poco a poco. Alcuni pezzi decisamente riusciti, che prendevano delle buone melodie che venivano sporcavate con gusto.
Niente per cui strapparsi i vestiti. Ma sicuramente un tentavo apprezzabile di uscire dal classico guitar pop. (1998 Island)

This debut from London-based four-piece The Warm Jets achieved the rare musical feat of living up to the hype generated by their fantastic 1998 single, "Hurricane". Mixing elements of pure pop song writing along with post-rock lo-fi noodlings, comparisons to Pavement are obvious; but The Warm Jets still manage to carve out a unique niche all of their own.
The title track, "Future Signs", is as catchy and polished as the fabulous "Hurricane", and another highlight, "Autopia", is a triumph of understated musicianship while simultaneously being as close to pop perfection as you can find. (Amber Cowan -

Coming from one of the more unfortunately overlooked British bands, Warm Jets' debut album, Future Signs, is an impressive disc of post-alternative rock. Since the demise of Brit-pop, most British bands have become decreasingly commercial, and while Warm Jets are no exception, they manage to combine the best of Brit-pop with the best of post-rock.
The songs aren't overproduced and the sound is a bit lazy (think of a young, British Pavement), but the pop appeal is definitely present, especially in the stellar singles "Hurricane," "Autopia" and the title track. There is only a minimal amount of filler, and the understated musicianship presented creates a truly unique sound for this debut LP.
Future Signs is a very assured debut and the work of a band who is poised to create some very memorable music. (Jason Damas -

- Move Away
- Never Never
- Hurricane
- Vapour Trails
- Future Signs
- Romero
- Autopia
- Maestro
- Rad Drag
- Meteorites
- Silver Surfer
- Liverpool Street


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