martedì 19 aprile 2011

Creation Records Compilation "Do You Believe In Love?"

Crediamo nell'amore? Si!! Vogliamoci bene e amiamoci. E come colonna sonora usiamo questa vecchia compilation della Creation.
Ovviamente un tuffo nel passato, nomi e gruppi storici e nel mio blog ci stanno più che bene. Le basi del Brit Pop sono tutte qui! (1990 Creation)

Primal Scream – You're Just Dead Skin To Me
Jazz Butcher – Girl Go
Ride – Chelsea Girl
The Times – Snow
Tangerine – Organic
My Bloody Valentine – No More Sorry
Biff Bang Pow! – Hug Me Honey
Weather Prophets, The – Always The Light
Something Pretty Beautiful – Freak Outburst
Love Corporation – Palatial II
Pacific – Shrift
Bounty Hunters – Everything's For Her


4 commenti:

  1. Link is dead?

    : (

    love your blog. always.

    cheers from NYC!

  2. Link is dead. Damn!

  3. Link is alive again!!! (I hope!) ;-))
    Ciao. Ricky

  4. Good one, Ricky.

    got it. and it sounds damn good.

    thanks for being one of the best bloggers.

    thank you for all the time you put into this site (and your generosity)

    : )