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Easyworld "This Is Where I Stand"

Bravi, bravi e acora bravi!
Un disco di guitar pop decisamente accattivante. Ottime melodie, un tiro clamoroso, idee chiare e arrangiamenti pregevoli.
Insomma un disco davvero bello e divertente! (2002 Sony)

Many bands are formed in turbulent times, but more often sheer boredom is the catalyst. This is the case with Easyworld, who hail from Eastbourne (a town of "no music venues and about 150,000 retirement homes") and their debut album, This is Where I Stand. Fronted by singer/guitarist/songwriter Dav Ford, Easyworld's closest musical cousins are Muse and JJ72, who employ a similarly clear, high-pitched and melodramatic vocal, as well as stop-start power-pop tactics. But Easyworld avoid the depths of self-pity plumbed by Muse and are even, on occasion, quite cheerful.
"Try Not to Think", concerning true love on a provincial Saturday night, is genuinely charming and impressively well-written ("She finds it hard to breathe / She writes his name in steam"), proving Ford is a songwriter to watch. Other highlights include the title track, in which Ford sings a pyrotechnic hymn over a distant, dirty riff that seems entirely inappropriate but eventually mesmerises.
Then there's comedy sex song "You and Me" (a well-timed shot of humour), the punchy single, "Bleach", surely the chirpiest tune ever penned about quaffing Domestos, and "By the Sea", where Ford's voice takes off over a melancholy piano (and weirdly, he sounds not unlike the Cocteau Twins' Liz Fraser).
On the downside, there's a little too much Radiohead in the tinkling and chiming intros, and several songs never rise above the mediocre. This is a more-than-fair debut, nonetheless. (Dominic Wills -

- Armistice
- Try not to think
- 100 weight
- Junkies and whores
- This is where I stand
- Stain to never fade
- Demons
- By the sea
- Bleach
- You and me
- You were right


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