lunedì 16 maggio 2011

Alex Lowe "Step Forward All False Prophets "

Faccio fatica a parlare bene di dischi così. Non discuto sull'impegno e l'onesta morale del buon Alex, ma un disco di folk così proprio non mi dice nulla.
Ma è colpa del genere, che io trovo francamente inutile.
Disco fatto come sempre con il cuore in mano, con canzoni semplici e dirette, ma che francamente non ascolterò mai dall'inizio alla fine. Qualche episodio sporcato di pop mi risulta anche simpatico, per il resto è una nenia che non è nelle mie corde. (2006 Lost Cat Records)

Alex Lowe spent time as the front man for Hurricane#1 - he complains that he didn’t have chance to do what he loves in the band, country. You ask yourself, why not? Why he couldn’t do what he wanted to do? Too busy chasing fame maybe. Now he professes a love of Bob Dylan and Wilco and released this record as a kind of homage to both.
The results aren’t bad, the songs are acoustic and in thrall to his major influence, King Bob, and as such deal with big issues like war, love and justice.
‘Big Guns’ is about the bloody Somme but I‘m not sure what it adds to the history; perhaps a meditation on more contemporary horrors would have more impact. Time and again he tries to locate himself in the Greenwich Village of the 1960’s; ‘Hey’ is a pretty song where he takes on Dylan’s vocal ticks when he would be better trying for Rod Stewart. Song after song follow the acoustic troubadour formula and neither his writing nor his voice are enough to raise it above the ordinary, where the sound is fuller on ‘Burns Me’ – a slowed down early REM – or ‘Rise Up All You Mothers’, things get much more interesting and he really should concentrate on working with a band. I can’t help but think that career in folk-pop would serve him better than the itinerant folk performer role that he’s attempting at present. (David Cowling -

- Heathen Mother
- Yellow Painted Buses
- Rise Up All You Mothers
- Big Guns
- Jail And Stripes
- Hey
- Round In Circles
- Leave It All Behind
- Unity, Freedom, Slashing
- Fields Where My Fathers All Dwelled
- Burns Me


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