martedì 3 maggio 2011

Easyworld "Kill The Last Romantic"

Non più canzoni esplosive in questo secondo disco per gli Easyworld, ma direi una buona capacità riflessiva, con i tempi che rallentano e le canzoni che si fanno più malinconiche e struggenti.
Si fa ascoltare sempre con grande piacere.
Ultimo lavro per i lgruppo, poi David Ford inizierà una carriera solista a base di scontatezze di una noia mortale (2004 Sony)

There's obviously still an audience for Easyworld's Ben Folds-meets-Radiohead melancholia but, sadly, this territory is already overcrowded—Placebo, Subcircus (remember them?), JJ72, even (at a pinch) Muse have all ploughed a not dissimilar furrow. On the plus side, Easyworld have David "Faultline" Kosten at the controls.
Kosten, whose own album corralled Michael Stipe, Wayne Coyne and Chris Martin (on two songs that easily better the half-arsed bland-out of A Rush Of Blood To The Head), has a reputation for working with proper singers, and the appeal of Dav Ford's lightly crumpled falsetto is obvious.
Fragile, etherised songs like "You Have Been Here" work best—here the pervading (and, it must be said, predictable) sense of disquiet is beguiling rather than overplayed. Elsewhere, unfortunately, Ford's undoubted songwriting ability gets a little lost in the general tastefulness. Perhaps this kind of thing has become the new MOR. (

Easyworld's 2002 debut dealt in fraught pyrotechnics similar to those of Muse and JJ72, but the band have stepped away from stadium angst and on Kill the Last Romantic they deliver a far less bombastic set. Discarding their big guitars, they've purposefully (and thankfully) sought more imaginative backings for singer/writer Dav Ford's striking voice.
Though the maudlin piano of the opening title track has you thinking you're in for another of today's festivals of self-pity, Easyworld immediately change tack with the chirpy rock of "2nd Amendment", enlivened by light-hearted harmonica and a juddering keyboard recalling "Blinded By the Light".
As Ford examines and questions the death of youthful hopes, life in a grey world and the end of several affairs, the music moves impressively through styles and moods. "'Til the Day" features big and beautiful orchestrations, while "A Lot of Miles from Home", seemingly a discreet drug song, is driven on by slow, distorted guitar and cleverly arranged handclaps.
"Celebritykiller", on the other hand, is a crazy collision of filthy riffing and sweet vocals, while "All I Can Remember" is deep electric folk, reminiscent of Neil Young live. Evidently Easyworld have matured and worked hard to prove it. There is surely more to come. (Dominic Wills -

- Kill the Last Romantic
- 2nd Amndment
- Drive
- Til the Day See All 4
- A Lot of Miles From Home
- Celebritykiller
- All I Can Remember
- Tonight
- When You Come Back I Wont Be Here
- Saddest Song
- You Have Been Here
- Goodnight


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