lunedì 16 maggio 2011

Proud Mary "The Same Old Blues"

Inglesi che si travestono da americani. E ci provano a metterci dentro tutto il cuore e la passione per essere a stelle e strisce, ma sempre copie sono.
Che ci sia Noel a fare da supervisore al tutto non aggiunge nulla.
Onesto disco di rock blues che profuma di "Oltre Oceano", con tutti i riferimenti e i nomi tutelari del caso. Trascurabile. (2001 Sour Mash)

It's a tradition that dates back to the early heyday of rock & roll: Brits playing rough-and-ready American rhythm & blues. The Same Old Blues, the debut from UK four piece Proud Mary, proudly lives up to this tradition.
Combining the street-fighting spirit of vintage Rolling Stones (there's even a cover of "Salt of the Earth" from their classic Beggar's Banquet) with the down-to-earth roughness of the Faces, Proud Mary champion the sound of the American South (their name is after all taken from the classic Creedence Clearwater Revival song).
Their retro sound is enhanced by the use of acoustic guitar, harmonica, Hammond organ and piano on songs like "Give A Little Love", "Very Best Friend" and the album highlights "Don't It All Look Ugly" and "Somewhere Down The Line".
Throughout, Noel Gallagher's production is kept basic, leaving enough roughness around the edges to give The Same Old Blues an appropriately vintage sound. It may not be the most original album but at least Proud Mary do their influences proud. (Robert Burrow -

- Give A Little Love
- Very Best Friend
- Don't It All Look Ugly
- All Good Things
- Somewhere Down The Line
- Time On Our Hands
- Just For You
- Salt Of The Earth
- Same Old Blues


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