sabato 18 giugno 2011

Ooberman "The Magic Treehouse"

Bellissimo esordio pr questa formazione. Guitar pop in cui si sprecano i riferimenti. Melodie sempre vincenti, solari ma anche malinconici, creano dipendenza e un senso di benessere! (1999 Independiente)

One of the bigger Brit-pop buzzes of 2000, Ooberman's debut album is a curious, if slightly odd, affair. While most compared the sound to Parklife-era Blur, Ooberman relies much more heavily on bizarre tempos and lyrics, as well as '70s easy listening.
There's a certain quality to these songs that makes them sound as if they would've been easy listening radio staples in the mid-'70s, which is why they sound somewhat jarring amongst today's soundscape. The lyrics are twee, almost too twee at times, as they outdo other twee-poppers such as the Lightning Seeds, and with a few exceptions (the moving "Shorley Wall") the songs are lyrical fluff.
The overuse of strings and middle-of-the-road production don't help much, either. Still, whenever Ooberman stumble across a good hook, it is pretty good, such as parts of "Sugar Bum" and "Million Suns."
It'll be interesting to see how this band develops in the future, but for now The Magic Treehouse is a unique yet flawed debut. (Jason Damas -

'A star in heaven knows my name' is the opening line of Ooberman's debut album The Magic Treehouse and pretty much sets the tone for the album. If you don't mind a little tweeness in your music than you might just like Ooberman.
If you're the more cynical type or you're part of the Slipknot crowd then this album may not be for you.
Ooberman specialise in what might be called hippy punk rock, at least the first half of the album is such with its fast paced tunes about love, travelling, nature and just general nonsense, but fun nonsense nonetheless.
The second half slows down the tempo with melancholic tunes such as ''Roll Me In Cotton' and 'Shorley Wall'.
They may be off in their own little world but it is a beautiful world Ooberman create and it feels like they've only just begun to tell their fantastical stories. (Jim Healy -

- Million Suns
- Blossoms Falling
- Sur La Plage
- Roro Blue
- Tears From A Willow
- Bees
- Sugar Bum
- Roll Me In Cotton
- Physics Disco
- The Magic Treehouse
- Amazing In Bed
- My Baby's Too Tall & Thin
- Shorley Wall
- Silver Planet


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