domenica 24 luglio 2011

Reef "Glow"

Sapete già come la penso sui Reef. Non spenderò altre parole per loro. Non è il mio genere comunque. (1997 Sony)

Glow is a triumphant sophomore effort from one of the rootsiest bands in the UK indie rock scene.
The opening song--and first single--"Place Your Hands" became an anthem on every indie dancefloor, with the sublime guitar and boogie-woogie bass strutting through classic rhythm and blues. Seductive screaming is given free reign throughout, especially on the ironically dark "Come Back Brighter" where the band's clinical rock finds a stomping ground for frontman Gary Stringer to exploit and dominate with his immense voice.
As with their first album, Replenish, there are plenty of chances to catch the band in a tender moment and "Consideration", with its gospel harmonies, explores new ground when the enchanting accompaniment grows into a majestic crescendo of togetherness.
More sophisticated than their first album, Reef maintain their progressive and blues tinged rock influences but take it that little bit further, as their definitive sound bridges the distance between present day and vintage rock & roll. (David Trueman -

- Place Your Hands
- I Would Have Left You
- Summer's In Bloom
- Lately Stomping
- Consideration
- Don't You Like It
- Come Back Brighter
- Higher Vibration
- I'm Not Scared
- Robot Riff
- Yer Old
- Lullaby


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