lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

Prolapse "The Italian Flag"

Parliamo di pust punk? Facciamolo dai. Anche perchè i Prolapse è come se ci chiamassero in causa con il titolo di questo disco!
Certo c'è poco da spartire con il solare Brit Pop con questi ragazzi, qui al loro terzo disco. Chitarre rumorose e nervose, ritmiche solide e martellanti e un deciso incontro/incrocio di voci. Un disco che ha avuto anche un discreto successo commerciale e una buona risposta nelle recensioni, anche grazie a singoli dalla buona linea melodica e al consueto mix di generi e suoni del gruppo. (1997 Radar)

Pure il nostro Piero ne parla benino..."After a long hiatus, Prolapse released The Italian Flag (Jetset, 1998), a collection of more mature and refined songs. The sound is less aggressive, more melodic. The main attraction is definitely the vocal harmonies, that offer the sharpest contrast since male/female harmony was invented. Witness the way Steelyard's ethereal vocals duet with Derrick's punk neurosis in Slash Oblique.
Derrick's pseudo-Clash punk emphasis detonates the square dance of Deanshanger while Steelyard croons innocently over a bed of bagpipes. The narrative peak ought to be Flat Velocity Curve, where Derrick chats in a conversational tone while Steelyard chants like a cross between a disco-diva and a fairy queen, their dialogue propelled by a driving guitar raga.
The underlying rhythm section is no less inventive, borrowing from different idioms of blues, country, rock and roll and even ethnic music. The hammering pace that bridges all songs teals the show at least in the soaring and psychedelic Return Of Shoes.
At her most angelic, Steelyard's sounds almost like Enya (Cacophony No A); at her most dramatic, she sounds like the Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde (Killing The Bland). Her pure contralto embellishes the breezy Belly-esque Autocode, her witchy howl pierces the voodoobilly of A Day At Death Seaside.
Her growth is mirrored by the growth of the band as a whole. Each song can be said to be completely different from the others. The only drawback is that none of this very creative compositions stands out as a fully accomplished masterpiece." (Piero Scaruffi -

- Slash/Oblique
- Deanshanger
- Cacophony No. A
- Killing the Bland
- I Hate the Clicking Man
- Autocade
- Tunguska
- Flat Velocity Curve
- Return of Shoes
- A Day at Death Seaside
- Bruxelles
- Visa for Violet and Van
- Three Wooden Heads


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