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The Crookes al Deposito Giordani di Pordenone, 12 novembre 2011

La gentilissima Martina Zorat mi manda questa recensione del live dei Crookes in quel di Pordenone, data inserita nel contesto del loro ultimo tour italiano.
Questa è la versione in inglese, mentre quella italiana la trovate sul sito di Radio Popolare Verona.
Buona lettura e ancora grazie Martina!


Looking at the increasingly wide musical landscape that England proposes, it’s appropriate to speak about The Crookes, new pop band born three years ago in the University of Sheffield.
Even If the second guitarist left them just few days before the beginning of the European tour, these guys haven’t waste time and with Tom’s support have brought up the band to continue the promotion of their album "Chasing After Ghosts" came out on March 21th. Recorded in six weeks at the Cottage Road Studios in Leeds, the album is composed of eleven tracks suspended in the balance between the cruelty of life and the escape through imagination. The title, "Chasing After Ghosts", was chosen to reflect on what the band describes as "the days, weeks, months and years that we try to recover, the people we lost and wrongly removed, our concern that youth and beauty don’t live forever."
The judgments of the public and the press (all very positive) are overcome already, so it’s time for the crucial test: live gigs . The concert of George Waite (bass / vocals), Daniel Hopewell (guitar) and Russell Bates (drums), is staged on November 12nd at Deposito Giordani in Pordenone. The audience welcomed the boys and they reciprocate with a high levels performance.
The setlist was write on an ordinary plastic dish ("unfortunately, we ran out paper.." George apologized) indicates the simplicity of these young musicians, with a great talent and desire to make good music.
The concert opens with one of the slowest songs of the new album, City of Light: the first part with kick drum, which beats the rhythm, and George's deep voice comes straight to the heart of the crowd that gives way to the explosion of guitars in the chorus.
Godless Girl is the second one, and despite the text is focused on the problematic relationship with a girl, the melody’s involving and joyful that accompanies the band with the audience clapping. A Collier's Wife, Chours of fool and Just Like Dreamers (the first song is from the EP Dreams of another days) followed closely the style and pop rhythm which characterizes The Crookes’ style: George unleashes his blond quiff as he sings and plays bass taking time by tapping his foot on the stage, the plastic plate did not survive until the end of the exhibition, Daniel often watch Tom playing (very well, although he had to learn the songs in a few days) and Russell, behind him drums, laughing and drumming damn good.
The Crookes love play live music.

Then, George announced two new songs, unreleased, newly written and played only three times so far (also for an exclusively Burberry’s show in Tokyo for Vogue Fashion Night, the first days of November): in spite their emotion was clearly perceptible, they donated moments of pure british music, again.

It's time to one of their best songs, Bloodshot Days, the eighth track of the last album. "Drop to your knees" They Say / For oh hap To Be Such Bloodshot These Days. Oh lovers always say "It pains my heart to stray." Voice and audience together. The band can’t be more than satisfied and thanks again the enthusiasm they received.

The great final. The concert is about to turn near the end, but these English guys still have something else to complete the lineup: three songs that launched them on the music scene. I remember moonlight, vibrant ode to memories of a love affair with lyrics that affect hearts ("Love, I remember ... the moonlight like the blades of your white skin colored tights those beneath. And love, I remember your breath against my neck warm. And the taste of your lips as they pressed."), Backstreet Lovers and Yes, yes, we're magicians (with special dedication): the first rows dancing dragged by the music but the gig unfortunately turns at the end.

In essence, an hour of beautiful music played with soul and style that distinguish the British music. The Crookes did not disappoint expectations.

Qui potete vedere le foto prese dalla serata di Martina Zorat

Elisa Moro

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