sabato 17 marzo 2012

Dubstar "Disgraceful"

Adorabili Dubstar e adorabile Sarah Blackwood.
Un disco di elettro pop, chiamiamolo così , ma è una definizione di comodo sia chiaro. Perchè in realtà ci può anche essere una base elettro, ma il suono, i colori, le emozioni arrivano direttamente dal pianeta pop, con chitarre gentili e melodie clamorose, ma anche sospensioni quasi dream pop.
Da quanto ho sentito i Dubstar dovrebbero essere tornati in pista.
Arriva la primavera e dischi così vanno benissimo!! (1995 Emi)

Dubstar operated in the same terrain as The Beautiful South and Morrissey--there's a very flat sense of Northern melancholy about them, all high rises and low self-esteem. This is especially so on "Not So Manic Now" about a girl unable to leave her flat since she was assaulted and "Just A Girl She Said", a cold study of an emotionally abusive sexual relationship delivered in authentically numb tones by Halifax-born vocalist Sarah Blackwood.
Whereas The Beautiful South revel in semi-detached greyness, however, and Morrissey is prone to lyrically provocative gestures, Dubstar match the deadpan restraint of their lyrics with a sparkling techno-indie soundtrack, courtesy of Chris Wilkie's janglepop guitar and programmer Steve Wilkie's layers of synthesizer. The sumptuous "Stars" and ska-flecked "Elevator Song" in particular hint at a backdrop of teasing glamour and neon lights against which disappointingly ordinary lives are led. (David Stubbs -

- Stars
- Anywhere
- Just A Girl She Said
- The Elevator Song
- The Day I See You Again
- Week In, Week Out
- Not So Manic Now
- Popdorian
- Not Once Not Ever
- St Swithin's Day
- Disgraceful


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