mercoledì 30 maggio 2012

Intervista con The Heartbreaks

Per prima cosa vorrei ringraziare l'insostituibile Martina Zorat per tutto il suo aiuto e la sua disponibilità.
Poi ovviamente devo ringraziare Matt per la sua gentilezza e  per essere ormai da due anni il mio idolo assoluto! Lui e i The Heartbreaks ovviamente.
Ecco la mia chiacchierata con loro, in inglese. Ma tranquilli, sotto trovate anche il link che vi rimanda dritti dritti all' intervista tradotta, ok?
Buona lettura!
Aloha. Ricky

Hi Matt, how are you? I read on your facebook page that your last gig in Manchester was the best of your career! What made you so excited and impressed?

Well everyone clapped and everyone stayed, which is always a good sign. I dunno really. I guess it just seemed like the culmination of a lot of work, you know? Being from Morecambe, going to play in ‘the big city’... It felt good to sell out a venue like that.

The album is out now. What’s the feeling that prevails in you? The happiness for have realized the result of hard work or the stress because of reviews are positive? Or maybe to have a good response from someone who buy your album and see you on stage?

It’s just feels good to have released the songs into the wild, you know? We can draw a line under them now. We can move on. If only you could hear the second album...

The first single was release in 2010, meanwhile the album is out only now, in 2012: two years spent to play live and to reach your definitive sound. I guess, this calm and time has helped the album.

I guess so. I mean, Liar, My Dear was fucking good two years ago, but it’s really, fucking good now.

In our previous conversation, we talked about how you were looking for the right producer of your album, at the end I see that the work of Tristan Ivemy and Edwin Collins was brilliant, isn’t it?

We think so. We worked with so many different people that we know fairly quickly whether it was going to work or not. I think the album sounds very cohesive, all things considered.

The album’s cover is full of images, colors and a title as ‘Funtimes’: it seems that there isn’t space for sadness for Heartbreaks. But, in the album and in particular in lyrics, I found melancholy, nostalgia, difficulties and delusions. Is an intentional humor?

Yes. We liked the irony of Smithsian, miserablists The Heartbreaks releasing an album called Funtimes. We’re very funny like that.

The first phrase which was pronunced in the album, concerns the Morecambe’s rain. (“the rainfall in Morecambe embitters me”). This beginning is the proof of how the spirit of this place is present in all the album and influence you as well. Am I wrong?

You’re not wrong, no. We couldn’t really have happened anywhere else. When you’re from somewhere like Morecambe, being the only four people who are into the same music and clothes really brings you tightly together. It’s important to celebrate that.

Smiths, Orange Juice, Elvis Costello, Aztec Camera: what a binding and influential names I found in your reviews. Though, I see they’re filtered by a vision strongly related to the present!

Uh huh... I think it’s because we have so many disparate influences, people find it hard to put their finger on just one. They’re all there though... Blondie, Springsteen, The Pogues, The Jesus and Mary Chain.

It’s impossible to find a song worse than another one. Personally, I love the melody of “Delay Delay”, the melancholy of “Winter” and the wrath pop of “Gourgeous”, even if my favorite now is “Hand On Heart” which have a charming chorus that I would never end. Do you have a favorite song in the album?


I’m surprised to see all of your singles enclosed in the album, and also two b-sides! I thought (and hoped as well) that would be more time for unpublished songs, even if I admit new arrangements of some old songs, make them totally new.

Yes, I know, but it would have been a travesty to leave them off. They deserve to be on an album.

After lots of tour with famous bands, what was the artist or band you worked better with?

We’re very dear friends with Hurts and so that tour was tremendous fun. I’m sorry to say we stayed up very late in Milan playing football, and we apologize to anyone in the area who was trying to sleep.

Often, in your interview, you spent lots of compliments for Orphan Boys and The Crookes. Especially The Crookes are in Italy very often, it would be nice to see in tour with them in our country!

There are plans a foot, Ricky. There are plans a foot...

Could you tell us how was the Record Store Day 2012? You were on your own tourbus and there was the sell of Funtimes vinyl limited edition!

We’re big fans of the day, so were obviously very happy to be asked to do something for it. We could have easily put the record out and just done a tweet or something, but it was nice to create an event befitting of the album.

Be romantic means have always heartbreaks?

Hopelessly so...

My usual last question. What would be your song suitable to act as a soundtrack for the end of our conversation and could you tell me why you choose it?

I’m going to say Another Sunny Day by Belle and Sebastian. I’m in my garden, the sun is shining... It’s time for a choc ice.


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  1. bel colpo ricky! delay delay mi sta accompagnando dentro l'estate!

  2. Geep il solito grande intenditore!!! ai Roses a Milano ci si vede??

  3. chiaro!!!! ho il biglietto da una vita. ti devo almeno una simbolica birra per mille motivi. simbolica ma fresca.

  4. Favolosooooooo!!! ;-)
    Se mi posso permettere, da buon Straight Edge, alla birra stavoltà preferirò una commovente cedrata!!! Ahahaha....fresca e simbolica pure quella!!
    Grande Geep, sono proprio contento!!!

  5. E Tassoni sarà!!!