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Intervista con Exlovers

Sono particolarmente felice di postare questa mia intervista con Pete degli Exlovers.
In primis perchè è stata veramente sudata, nel senso che a un certo punto avevo proprio perso le speranze, mapoi c'è l'aspetto musicale, che segna un mio totale innamoramento per questo disco.
Pregevolissimo guitar pop, che si sposta da gemme quasi indie folk a momenti più power pop che sconfinano nello shoegaze.
Abbiamo sicuramente atteso tanto questo lavoro, ma alla fine siamo stati premiati.
Non poteva quindi mancare la mia classica chiacchierata.
Buona lettura.

Hi there, first album is finally here! The wait was quite long, in the meantime you published some eps and 7"s. I guess you took all the time you needed in order to produce a perfect product! “Just a Silhouette” for example came out in 2008, a long time ago.

It's taken longer than it probably should have to get this album out. It's a relief to have finally done it. I've been working on the next record and already have the bare bones of it, hopefully it'll be finished soon and won't take as much time as Moth did.

- I've been following your career from the beginning, and it seems to me that guitars in your sound have bacome more sonic and shoegaze, do you agree?

Yes, that does seem to be the case. It's something we've found ourselves doing more and more, I'm not really sure where it'll end up. I think the reason that we couldn't do it before was because we simply couldn't afford to buy the pedals etc that we needed. Now we're not so limited with what we can do. It's nice to feel that you're progressing though.

- How do you judge this first album? Is it a point of arrival after many singles or do you rather think it is more a point of departure to develope the new songs?

 Well it spans quite a large length of time for us, I'm pleased with it but I'd like the next album to be a bit more cohesive.

- You were compared to historical bands like Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, Ride and songwriters like Elliot Smith. Not bad at all! What do you think about that?

 It's flattering on the whole, I think it's good if you can be compared to a number of different bands rather than just one or two.

- Some "This love will lead you on" reviews make me smile, they describe the single as perfect summer popsong. What will they say about "Unlovable" melancholy: perfect autumn song?

 Well i don't really know, I'm not sure that it'll be released as a single, I just hope that people enjoy it. I don't read reviews anymore, I think it can be unconstructive for me even when they're positive.

- You do a great use of double voices, male/female: they exalt each other without being invasive.

Thank you

- The album opening track "Starlight, starlight" is a proper "declaration of intentions": shoegazing reverbers, high speed, ethereal voices, guitars that drawn a melody that attaches to the brains and doesn't go away. I think this is the best single to show the direction!

I'm pleased that we got the right sound for that song, it's a difficult one to play live though, often it can just be a bit of a wall of noise.

- I adore your ability to slown tones down, i've already mentioned the full and yearning sound of "Unlovable"(my favourite song), then i would cite the acoustic guitar of “I wish we’d never met”, that take us to almost ethereal folk territories, more comparable to the band early songs. Elevated ritms and calm tones seems to be the two faces of the same Exlovers medal.

I Wish We'd Never Met is a tough one, it's such an unhappy song, it's not usually my style to be so bleak. Or maybe it is, I don't know. It's funny to me.

- Is a tour already planned to support the album?

To be honest, no. We've done a lot of that touring business, it's great and everything but it feels like right now what is more important is to get these new songs out there and start moving forward to the next record.

- Over the last year you played with many artists, is there somebody you hit it off? Is there a specific concert you enjoyed more than the others?

Well we've just come back from Japan and we had the pleasure of enjoying the company of quite a few bands who played. The Mystery Jets were a lovely bunch and She Talks Silence were great. It's good to meet other bands and get to know lots of different people, you find that most people are actually very nice if you give them a chance. It's always hard to say goodbye.

- Congratulations on the "Wicked game" cover, i adore that grace. Do you still play it live?

I sometimes play it when I do a solo show, we don't really play it as a full band anymore. We might do it some time in the future though.

- Thanks again for your kindness. Final question is a classic one for me. Could you choose a track from your album to play as a final theme song for this interview?


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