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Intervista con Matthew Pendlebury dei Charlie Big Time

Il nuovo, incantevole EP dei Charlie Big Time 'Dishevelled Revellers' che esce in questi giorni per la Matinée Recordings, merita attenzione e applausi convinti.
Il duo inglese formato da Matthew Pendlebury e Chris Tiplady, dopo altre pubblicazioni con varie case discografiche, esordisce per una delle nostre etichette preferite con 4 pezzi di preziosisima materia guitar pop, che si muovono su linee melodiche gentili e ricche di fascino come nella migliore tradizione della Matinée.
Ma come non esaltarsi poi anche per la presenza di Beth Arzy, voce dei Trembling Blue Stars?
Avrete capito quindi che l'intervista era obbligatoria!
Qui sotto trovate l'intervista in inglese!
(Ps...grazie Federica, senza di te niente di tutto questo ci sarebbe stato!!)

Hello guys and thank you for your availability. It was great to see that your ep came out for the historic label Matinée Recordings. I suppose it represents something special to you, too! It seems to be your ideal home!!! How did you get in contact with them?

 Hello Riccardo and thanks for contacting us.  Once we had the ep ready we sent it to Jimmy at Matinée and thankfully he loved it enough to offer us a release. It meant a lot to the band that he took the songs to heart. It’s a lovely, warm feeling to be on Matinée!

You’re definitely not an emerging band, but can you describe a little bit your story to the Italian audience who still doesn’t know you?

Chris and I were in a few bands during the 90's, mainly gigging and having a laugh along the way. We stopped around 1997, settled down in relationships, and led normal lives. Both of our relationships ended in 2002 and we spent a few years licking our wounds, getting drunk, and looking for a way forward.

In 2006 we decided to try and write songs again but we had lost our instruments. We had one guitar and a tape recorder. We recorded a three-song ep later that year and it was picked up by Roque from Cloudberry Records who kindly released it in 2007.  To our surprise it got a lot of attention. We did an album the following year for Series Two but looking back we should not have done it—it was far too rushed.

We started writing again in 2011.  We became friends with Beth and sent her a demo of ‘The Liberation of Love’ which she really liked. She asked if she could sing on it so we sent her more demo songs and said it would be nice if she sang on all of them. She came up to Bolton and we recorded the vocals in our little studio and went to the pub later. Within a couple of months we built up the songs and had a lovely little record on our hands.

 Simple, straight, intense songs. "They recall the sun with its brightness and praise rain and melancholy at the same time”, that’s how I described your songs in my radio program. Do you think it is a definition that can fit?

I think if you listen to the record you will get a fair reflection of what we are like: people who probably think and analyse things a bit too much for their own good but you need a sense of humour in life or you will crack up. We like a good mix in the lyrics and we have no shame in writing a love song or two!

 I was reading an interview in which Beth said that your music comes from the heart. I was really moved by this, as I thought about how your music starts from “your” heart and gets straight to the heart of who is listening to it. It is impossible not to get impressed by your melodies—it’s been days that they are stuck in my head!

Thank you. We have always been fans of melody so I guess that reflects in the writing and the mood of the songs. I don’t think we could do anything different really. A lot of the lyrics are drawn from things we have done or haven’t done in life. We tend not to listen to much modern indie music, so I guess you can call it old school.

It seems to me that working with Beth has added value to your music, as if her musical experiences merged into your sound, too. Now it would be really an understatement to say that you are just a band that reminds of The Smiths. Is Beth now a definite member of the band or was it just a temporary collaboration?

Beth's voice and charm added so much to the recordings and it was such an easy, relaxed affair. It all clicked into place with ease and a bond and friendship was formed. We popped the question to Beth: "Will you join our band?" and she said yes, so we are now a trio.

What are the upcoming projects for the band, after this EP?

We have four or five new songs being recorded for another ep, so hopefully it will be ready in the coming months. Beth will be coming up to the studio to do vocals and another session in the pub soon. It's a pleasure to be in Charlie Big Time…three good friends with an ear for a tune!

If you had to choose one of your songs from the new ep that could serve as closing soundtrack for this interview, which one would you choose and why?

Please play ‘Passion and Headaches’ as it is the last song on the ep and one of our favourites…maybe not as instant as the others but worthy of a listen!

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