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Intervista con Martin Rossiter...

Sul numero di ottobre di Rockerilla trovate l'intervista a Martin Rossiter, ex leader dei Gene. La posto qui nella sua forma originale, in inglese...

- Hello Martin, thanks for your time. How are you?  where  are  you at the moment?

I am  sat dressed as  a nun  watching programs about antiques, a very  normal  Saturday.

- I  guess your solo album is  almost over now,  right?

If  you mean  completed, then yes it  is. I hope it's not over before it's  released,  although nothing would  surprise me.

-  I noticed you chose Pledge  Music to  promote your album. I  think that's a good way to keep in touch with   your fans and to  whoever love your music. What's your opinion?

When I first released records, people would write us  letters  and  we would do our best to reply although I'm sure we  missed a few.  Now, although  little effort is required the  digital world has made  those interactions  essential, it is  almost expected of you. I don't  mind, however I sometimes  need  time away from the glare of the screen  as I spend on average 25  hours a  week on social networks.
The  reason Pledge exists  is because the music  industry became so  complacent and  arrogant over the last 20 years. What it  allows me is  complete  control, if this album is a failure then it is my  failure.   That was never possible when Gene were signed to Polydor, if an  album   failed it was Gene's fault, if it did well the record  company took the  credit  and the money.

- You  lived and spent your "Brit  Pop" moment with  a leading role:  which are your best memories of it?  Nowdays with networks,   mp3, downloads (and so on) everything seems  less spontaneous, what  do you  think about technologies?

My best  memories of 'Brit  Pop'? I have very few. Most of  the music was  terrible and most of the people  involved worse. That era  was  the equivalent of throwing a party while Rome  burns. Excessive   spending by the record companies on young men because they   wore  interesting trousers. As an era it lacked intelligence and  grace, a   boorish and loutish time.

- How did  your way to compose  and  write songs changed now that you are a  soloist and there's no more  a group to  exchange ideas  with?

They are my  songs and that's   what is important to me. I know that people have  great affection for  Gene and  I count myself as one of them, but  compromise doesn't  always enhance.

- In your UK tour,  piano and  voice, you have presented new  songs, intense and touching,  and  it was great to listen with this arrangement  so simple but  direct.  The album will move completely on these musical canons   or even we can  expect some surprises in the  arrangements?

Thank  you. The songs were  deliberately written for piano and  voice. It  forced me as a  writer to treat every note and syllable as if they  were  tiny  diamonds. There is no note that isn't dripping with my sweat.  I   didn't want the songs to hide behind layers of arrangement,  the listener  needs  to be forced to listen to the words. Having  said all that, they  may be the odd  surprise.

-  You are always active on  facebook and you dedicate  part of  your time to reply regularly to your  fans, and to be honest they  show  a great respect and affection toward  you, but I can  notice also a sincere and  vivid memory for Gene. It  sure means  you really transmitted something  significant with the music  of  that group. What's your belief?

There is  so  much affection for Gene for which I'm grateful.  Having said  that, I've  been blessed that the people who liked Gene tend to  be  open minded  which means that they have been receptive to me  being a musician  in  the here and now rather than a ghost of  the man I was. The response to  the  new songs has been  wonderful as of course it should  be.

- Many   artists after the split of a group are  suddenly ready to start a  career as  soloists. You took your time  instead, with no  hurries. Did you need to reserve  some time for you,  maybe  taking a break from music, after the long adventure  with   Gene?

No, I'm just    lazy.

- Thank you again, last but not least:  I'd  like  you to chose a song of The Gene as a soundtrack of  this interview  and  obviously one from your soloist album, can  you motivate the choice  you  made?

I  can only choose 'Is It Over?'  by Gene  considering your second  question and I Must Be Jesus  considering my answer to   your  first.

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  1. cazzo, il buon Martin pesta duro sui nostri idoli del britpop!