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Dylan Mondegreen: l'intervista in inglese.

Prima di leggerla in italiano ci vorrà del tempo, quindi intanto ve la propongo in inglese.
E' la mia chiacchierata con Dylan Mondegreen, che, come già sapete, ha realizzato un disco magnifico e quindi non potevo non scambiare due battute via mail con lui.
Ovviamente GRAZIE DYLAN!!!

A voi...

- Hello Borge, how are you? Where are you at the moment?
I'm super busy at the moment. It's not long since the record was released, we're moving into a new house and everything is quite chaotic. But I'm happy with having a new record out!

- Third record. To me, the best you’ve ever made. The album is filled with a sensation of peace and serenity, I suppose this is what was felt the most during the recording sessions, too.
Thanks you! It's a very personal album. I went throught a lot of life changing event during the time it took to write and record the album. My mother died after five years trying to fight cancer, and a year after that, our little daughter was born. So this affected the writing process a lot.

- Your music is being released under the name of Dylan Mondegreen, yet I think that such a personal, true and immediate record could have been released under your “real” name, don’t you think?
Yes. I was indeed thinking of releasing it under my own name. But then again, since some of the lyrics are so personal, I ended up feeling it was better to keep that moniker for now.

- I like the way you write your lyrics: you pay so much attention to everyday’s aesthetics, to all the little details: do you think the word “intimist” would fit you well?
Perhaps. I try to write about every day life, and about stuff that everyone can relate to. And I don't just make up stories, because then I think the end result would be harder for people to relate to.

- Musically speaking, the record surprises us with well-edited arrangements, female voices, a rich instrumentation. Yet I think that at the base of it all there is only one big idea, which is melody, and the super-high quality of your pop taste that gets straight to our hearts.
The songs themselves are always the most important factor. But still, I try to write them with an arrangement in mind. They should ideally work just with an acoustic guitar, but they also need to have room for an arrangement and for making the instrumentation a bit more exciting.

- Would you believe me if i told you that Yesterday When I Was Young makes me cry? It’ so intense and it moves me so much!
I believe you! And it means a lot to hear that.

- Maybe the best thing about your record is that it is “timeless”. Away from all the trends, ideas and musical tricks that are well planned beforehand, your record has got that guitar pop style that never stops striking us, like many Sarah Records releases, that still give us shivers after so many years.
That's a nice compliment, indeed. What I wanted to do on this record, was to bring in elements from the music I've always liked, and don't be afraid for doing the extreme. "Extreme" in my musical vocabulary would mean to bring in unusual instruments, like for instance steel drums, and not being afraid of making it sound soft, lush or grand.

- How did the collaboration with Ian Catt start?
We were in contact on MySpace after my first record, which he liked. On this record I wanted to do something else, and emphasis my inspiration from 80s and 90s indie, and Ian seemed the perfect fit. He's also a very nice guy, so after doing a few songs together, it felt natural to do the whole album with him.

- The Scandinavian school, as far as the “Pop World” is concerned, is nowadays of a very high level. Have you got any secrets or special formula for that?
Not as far as I now. I just try to make something I would like to listen to myself, and something that can be a bit different from mainstream music, but still being considered pop.

- Will we be able to see you on tour in Italy, maybe?
Perhaps. I don't know now. I won't be doing much touring the next year because of my little daughter, but I will do some shows when possible. Hopefully Italy can be a destination.

- Let me compliment you with this interview for the Prefab Sprout tribute on (Come With Me To) Albuquerque: it’s a fantastic song! Having composed such a song makes me think that you really appreciate that band a lot..
I do now. I wasn't that big a fan before, but everyone started making Prefab Sprouts comparisons after my first album. They've always been around in my album collection, and I was saddened by reading about Paddy's health problems. I was happy to hear he got a copy of the CD from a German journalist. I think he was flattered, and I hope he liked the song.

- Thank you again Borge. Which one of your songs in the record would you pick up to end our interview?
That's always a tough one. I think The Heart Is A Muscle. I'm really happy with that, and it was the first song I wrote for this album, so it sort of led the way for the others.

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