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The Heartbreaks: l'intervista di fine anno.

Prima di leggerla in versione italiana in una futura pubblicazione, ci tenevo a postare l'intervista, realizzata in questo mese di dicembre via mail, in inglese con il sempre gentilissimo Matt, cantante degli Heartbreaks che mi parla dei progetti futuri del gruppo, alla luce ovviamente di "Funtimes", uno dei dischi più belli di questo 2012 che sta per concludersi...

Buona lettura e grazie a Giulia ovviamente!!!

Since the new album came out last May you never had time to take a break due to the tour, new singols, a new edition of the album and so on... I don't know why but I have the feeling you are still working on new stuff, am I wrong?
You’re not wrong. We’d like to get the next record out less than a year after the first and, with that in mind, we’ve been holed up in Morecambe writing and demoing for the last few weeks. We’ll be recording it properly in early 2013, so long as the world doesn’t end.

The last new version of "Hand on Heart" is nearly perfect, how the idea of working again on this song with James Banbury was born?
The whole James thing was born out of wanting to create something that would, even if just for an EP, take our music beyond its usual guitar and bass sound. Rather than merely ‘sounding big’, we wanted to make music that, like those great Scott Walker, REM and Bunnymen records, was melodic, bold, elegiac... We’ve always had a kind of intrinsic sense of drama, but with the addition of strings we were able to truly articulate a feeling of being widescreen, cinematic.

I was glad to see you had a great success with Steve Lamacq: it sure is the proof your fans love you and support you at every step if your career. I guess even Steve has a high consideration of you
We have a high consideration of Steve! He is a DJ with gravitas in a world of froth.

A new ep will be out in January: there sure is a great expectation for new songs. Can we still consider the tracks from "Funtimes" a reference point or there will be something totally new?
They’re similar, I suppose, in the sense that we will always write pop songs, however the sonics will be completely different this time. The next record’s going to be a lot darker. There’s no room for subtleties anymore.

The most surprising track, for me at least, has been the cover of "I'm on Fire" by Bruce Springsteen, I know you love his music, but the way it was arranged it's surprisingly good, I didn't expect it
No one did.

You now collected a large list of concerts you attended, there are several places you played at: is there a special gig or tour you gladly remember and that left in you some priceless emotions? Perhaps the Japan tour?
Japan was special in the sense that we didn’t really know what to expect. Before we went over there we kind of said to one another, “wouldn’t it be cool if there are, like, fifty people who have heard of us in Japan?”. Then we got off the plane and there were people waiting with records for us to sign and stuff. They kept running after the car, crying... I didn’t think we were that bad.

We would love to see you back to Italy again! Do you think it'll be possible?
 It’s possible. I want to collaborate with Mina. Could you make that happen please?

Last but not least question. But first I'd like to tank you for letting me have this short interview. so.. I've read somewhere you are ready to reach the success Arctic Monkeys have: was that a pre-made sentence or do you really meant to jump to the number 1 of charts?
We really mean it. Mass communication is the aim and we’re going to achieve it with the next record. You heard it here first.

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