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Intervista con i Sulk

Ascoltare in anteprima il disco dei Sulk ("Graceless" uscirà i primi giorni d'aprile) mi ha riportato indietro nel tempo, per l'esattezza in un periodo che va dal 1988 al 1993.
Se seguite il pop inglese sapete bene di che gruppi e di che suoni stiamo parlando: bene, tutto questo lo ritroverete magnificamente nel disco dei Sulk.
Ad aprile sarano anche impegnati in un tour italiano che diventa assolutamente imperdibile!
Ecco la mia chiacchierata via mail con il chitarrista Thomas...

-       Hi guys, how are you? It took you a long time, but finally here is your debut album. You were certainly not in a rush, in fact I think that through all these years you were able to strengthen your repertoire and to pick up the “chosen ones” among many tracks, I guess.
Hey Ricky! Yea, it’s taken a while (sorry, guys!) but we wanted to make sure you will hear the best possible sounding debut album by SULK. We could have released it sooner, but it would have had been a compromise, and we didn’t want that.

-       I’ve often read the word “britpop” associated with your music, but I think that who you look up to the most are all bands that preceded the real britpop, am I wrong on that?
It wouldn’t be right to link us to only one style of music. Sure, we do like many of the bands filed under the term Britpop, but we listen to a lot of different stuff that influence and inspire us.

-       There is truthfulness, total respect and great knowledge of the history of English pop inside your music. Nonetheless, it would bother me to hear that you are talked about as a simple “revival phenomenon” and nothing more. I think that the songs in the record are so beautiful and inspired that it just can’t be said: “They copy from the past”.
Naturally, there is a connection between our music and the stuff we listen to. We would feel pretty uncomfortable if we had to write and play music we’re not attached to. We always try to make songs “our own”, but they are all created in a context.

-       It would be too easy to only quote Stone Roses to describe you, a song like Back in bloom, for example, shows your love towards Ride’s shoegaze, too!
Ride and Stone Roses are only two of many bands that influence our sound and music. Would you be surprised if I said that the solo in Back In Bloom was inspired by the instrumental bit in Ordinary World by Duran Duran? 

-       Straight melodies, a lot of groove, an impending bass, sonic and psychedelic guitars, your record lives and breathes with this sound, but also with such intense songs like the amazing The Big Blue. I love that track, how was it born?
The Big Blue was one of the last written tracks for the album. I was listening a lot to Suede at the time of writing the music for it, so it probably has some subliminal references to their more balladic numbers.

-       Until not so long ago the Uk came up with a big retrieval of the Joy Division’s sounds. Now that Stone Roses are back, too (together with the Happy Mondays, who are still on tour), do you think there could be a significant return to the "Madchester/Baggy" Sound?
I personally find these type of trends irrelevant. I think it’s more important when new bands follow their heart and do great music regardless of a current zeitgeist.

-       It being understood that you love the music from the end of the 80’s and the beginning of the 90’s, is there anyone among the bands of today that you particularly appreciate?
I love Cut Off Your Hands latest album “Hollow”.

-        What shall we expect from your live performances? I guess there will be a lot of dancing, singing and moving!
Yea, and everyone is welcome to join in!  

-       Thank you again for your kindness. Which one of your songs in the record would you pick up as the closing soundtrack for this interview?
The Big Blue, just for you, Ricky! ;) Grazie & Ciao! X 

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  2. Ciao, per ora so solo che saranno a Milano il 18 aprile, ma data ancora da confermare....